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Share this article Dating Man Dating Man Rif. On their twitter account they mocked authorities for their clampdown, adding: 'THIS is the kiss. A campaign is now spreading across social networks to defend the right of public displays of affection which are restricted in the conservative country.

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Dozens of protesters staged a kiss-in to show their solidarity with the teenagers and posted pictures of their own kisses on twitter. Clash: A thug, left, tries to break up a 'kiss-in', organised by Dating Man Rif. activists in protest at the arrest and trial of three teenagers for 'violating public decency' One twitter user posted: ' NadorKiss is not just about the three kids who are facing jail, it is about the right to freedom online in repressive societies.

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NadorKiss' The couple, as well as the boy Dating Man Rif. took the photo outside their school in the town of Nador, were arrested after a local newspaper printed the image. The three youngsters are all due in court today for a closed hearing, followed by a sentencing next week, according to the Agence France-Presse.

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They are currently being held at a juvenile detention centre for violating public decency. Protest: Dozens of couples staged a kiss-in to protest against the authoritarian Moroccan regime's clampdown on public displays of affection A sit-in has begun outside the centre to demand Dating Man Rif.


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Human Rights organisations said the incident has provoked scores of 'copycat' posts - with the BBC reporting a campaign to post a million copycat photos has been launched in protest. Chakib al-Khayari, president of the Rif Association Dating Man Rif.

Human Rights said: '[the incident] involves a teenage boy and his girlfriend. Share or comment on this article: Pictured: The public kiss that got two Moroccan teenagers arrested for being a 'danger to social order'.

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