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Horse brand used by the Pașcani boyars Văcărescu's first experience with Francophone journalism was at La Roumanie daily —where he used the pen name Velréas.

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In his own words, this was a "rather burlesque incident", sparked by Ciurcu's attempt to remove from the fashion column Fondul de cercetare Muslim Girl those parties he was never invited to. However, he also cautions that Claymoor "was a journalist, but by no means was he one of the journalistic world; he lived inside the boyar society that had spawned and raised him".

This highly unpopular move resulted in a "violent campaign [of] curses, vulgarities and lies" directed at the Văcărescu family.

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Inthe left-wing George Ranetti argued that Carnet du High-life would have been "more or less justified in a city like Paris", but asked: "what point could it serve in Romania? Sturdza —were unintentionally amusing. InAmiculu Familiei newspaper described Claymoor as "a sad figure in [Romanian] journalism".

It deplored the Frenchified culture which had produced Claymoor, but also noted that his metaphorical style was being laughed at by the Belgian paper La Réforme.

Some claimed that [Claymoor] was being paid by luxury seamstresses, but this was never proven Fondul de cercetare Muslim Girl.

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Which is why Claymoor's Fondul de cercetare Muslim Girl was always full of diverse gifts, from ladies who wished not to be forgotten, or overlooked. His overall negative judgment of the play was itself judged negatively by later critics.

However, he applauded their production of Wilbrandt 's Tochter des Herrn Fabricius. When, init was announced that Claymoor would be staff critic for a French troupe touring Bucharest, Rosetti-Max remarked: "This leads me to suspect that the troupe doesn't even have costumes yet, and that Claymoor [ To us it is entertainment.

To future generations, it will be a priceless document". His Carnet, "I believe, has reached the peak of its glory during these days.

Atentat la Siguranta Nationala: situatia critica din Cercetare

Pictured with rival journalists Alexandru Beldiman and Fondul de cercetare Muslim Girl Venturavying for the public's attention Cartoon by Nicolae Petrescu Găină date unknown Having contributed directly to L'Indépendence Roumaine's success it became the second-most popular newspaper by[43] Claymoor made a return trip to Paris in Although he is sometimes assumed to have died there, on the spot, [12] he actually did so at Fondul de cercetare Muslim Girl sister's Matchmaking Dating Site. These journalists, Ranetti noted, were even active at Adevărula nominally working-class paper.

By the end of his life, he was completely bald, but was hiding it.

Ferruh Özpilavcı - - Cumhuriyet İlahiyat Dergisi 21 3 Hence the hundreds of manuscript copies of his works in world libraries. Many of his works were also recurrently printed in the Ottoman period. One of the neglected aspects of Karsî is his identity as a logician. Although he authored ambitious and potent works in the field of logic, this aspect of him has not been subject to modern studies.

One such story claims that his wig came off while bathing on the Romanian littoral and he went chasing for it in the water. InIon Ghica and Dimitrie C. Ollănescu-Ascanio had sketched out a comedy of mores, which, if finalized, was to feature a leading character based on Claymoor.

Proiect unic în România, cu bani norvegieni, pentru reconstituirea istoriei orale a romilor

A licentious typo subverts his description of a high-society dame as an "indefatigable sylphid ", and he has to deal with her husband's wrath readers were left unsure as to what the hinted typo was. Cazacu identifies Alexandrina and Ecaterina Văcărescu as Mima and Tita Arnoteanu, who are prominently featured, and mocked, in his Craii.

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A distant relative of Claymoor's, [56] the Count had died nine years before Craii's publication. IV: R—Z, p. Bucharest: Editura științifică și enciclopedică Bucharest: Editura Minerva

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