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The facilitator should collect their definitions and lead a group discussion. The facilitator should highlight the difference between a data structure like tabular which refers to the way the data points are presented and a data format like.

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Common Open Data structures - The facilitator should guide participants in a discussion of the difference between tabular, hierarchical and network data structures and examine some examples of datasets which correspond to Facilitator pentru site- ul de dating three structures. Exploring specific data types - The facilitator should examine specific examples of data types such as legislative, statistical and geographic data which require special treatment.

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Facilitator should select the data types most relevant to the audience and discuss in greater detail the landscape of the data type s including leading a conversation on participant experiences.

The formats studied should be adapted to the audience.

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Participants should use a group discussion to highlight the benefits and challenges of the different formats. Finally the facilitator should lead an exercise where participants suggest the best format and structure for several hypothetical dataset examples. Open data formats learning module - Comprehensive guide to key formats and structures.

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